SKETCHBOOK: Vision of Love

The recent hate explosion can be disheartening to a person like me. I spend my time being positive and trying to create positivity around me, despite some of the darker events going on around me. It takes effort to overcome the strikes I was born with. Being black and male makes a certain segment of the population hate and fear me. Just by looking at me. And the recent event in Charlottesville and the upcoming rally just down the road in Lexington prove that point.

With all that against us, how about we put some love out into the world. And I get to do that with the help of Diana and her daughter Kendall. Just look at the affection between these two. I get to counteract those nonstop cable news channel images of hate with the editing of the photos of family love. I consider that a gift. And for sure a gift when I need it most.

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