FOOTBALL: Pleasure Ridge Park at Valley

When Valley plays Pleasure Ridge Park, it’s always a tough game for the Vikings and this year did not prove to be any differently as the boys in blue took the L 41-6. I’ve watched this rivalry for 4 years and it was populated by the same things we’ve come to expect.

Both teams came in amped up to 11 during the pregame. Then on the field, once Valley showed that they weren’t going to just roll over for the bigger school, play got chippy. One of the things PRP is taught to do well is hide the extracurricular activity. They like to taunt the other side, which does nothing in terms of sportsmanship. They like to play even after the whistle, which caused the Vikings to retaliate to defend themselves. That sort of thing.

PRP at Valley Football by Tim Girton

And, just like the previous 3 years, a lot of times the officials don’t see, or pretend they don’t see, all the extra activity. This year, though, they threw personal foul flags on PRP occasionally, which is a change from most years. Not enough to make the Panthers stop, of course, but I did see it more than I expected.

In the end, the Vikings came out wounded. Not their pride, but physically. I don’t have any updates so I won’t name names, but this week in practice will be markedly different. These are a resilient bunch of guys, though, and they’ll come out the other side and be ready for Holy Cross this Friday.

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