FOOTBALL: Valley at Holy Cross

It was another tough Friday night for the walking wounded Valley Viking football team. They went up Dixie Highway a few miles to Holy Cross to take on the Cougars. On the sideline you had a starting quarterback on crutches thanks to a torn ACL, a starting running back going through the concussion protocol and two other concussed players that the team depends on. The remaining players gutted it out but fell short 36-6.


It’s the same deal as before. The Vikings play the team and the officials. Out of the 4 facemask calls that went against Valley, only one was legitimate, though incidental. A long touchdown pass got called back after the score on some sort of personal foul that supposedly happened right before the TD and 50 yards away when the guys have stopped hitting each other. In other words, the same stuff that happens to Valley all the time.


Either way, I’m proud of the character the Vikings. They know they’ll play against the opposite side and poor officiating and they get out there anyway and leave it all on the field. Next for Valley, Iroquois comes to Viking Harbor for a visit.

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