FOOTBALL: Valley at Fairdale

I’ve written this post over and over. Ten times, in all actuality. It’s hard to believe what happened last night in a high school football game and, since I’m planning to press charges, I have to make sure I don’t say the wrong thing. As usual, Valley played a fair game against the players from Fairdale and the referees. Nothing unusual there. In Jefferson County, the fix is in for the Vikings. We’re used to it.

Toward the end, the game got chippy with tempers flaring on both sides. The officials totally ignored that we had a cornerback get hit after the whistle on nearly every play.  Like I said, par for the course. But then, when my son was separating players who were about to come to blows, a Fairdale player came into the mess and spit in his face.

Spit. In. His. Face.

London reacted, of course. Why would it be okay to spit in someone’s face? London had been outplaying the kid the whole game and so that was how he dealt with it. Which, of course, means that London was thrown out of the game. They said the other guy did, too, but I never saw evidence of that and the officials didn’t signal to the booth announcer to let anyone know what happened. Perhaps it would have revealed the referee’s bias.

What it did reveal, though, is what piss poor coaching was happening on the sidelines at Fairdale. Yes, the kid was a punk for doing that. But obviously, the atmosphere on the sideline, created by the coaches, let him think that was okay.  It’s not okay. Ever.

And the coaches were calling London a thug. Really? The kid that has literally given people the shirt off his back is a thug? London plays hard and plays fair. He’s passionate about the game he loves and your player and your coaching staff treated him like garbage. No apology. Nothing. And to tell Misty that London is beneath you? Imagine how that set her off.

I usually keep my posts clean, but FUCK YOU, FAIRDALE FOOTBALL.

Hold your head up, Vikings. They can’t keep cheating you guys forever. Sorry, I missed the end of the game dealing with this.

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