Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?

The company that’s my day job, Computershare, teamed up with another company in the Meidinger Tower downtown by 4th Street Live, TQL, to do a charity fundraising dunk tank. Who got dunked? It was voted on throughout the company and two of my friends ended up taking the plunge. This is Brady. He and I worked on a previous team with desks fairly close to each other. We’ve since switched departments and are now on opposite ends of the same team. When the email came out that he was going in the drink, well, I knew how it was going to end. Like this.

Dunking Booth by Tim Girton
Brady at the Booth by Tim Girton

Then there’s my new friend Carly. We ended up training together and, while in training for the new department, they started taking nominations as to who would go in the dunk tank. As a group, I think we all looked at her as the person we should nominate. There were only 9 of us, but somehow our influence got her a seat on the collapsible bench. And they had a function called autodunk. Each ball cost a dollar, but to autodunk someone, it was a 10 dollar donation. Carly’s first time on the seat led to the autodunk. Fun times and Carly was a wonderful sport about it.

Dunking Booth by Tim Girton
Carly marching to the Booth while Markie gets ready for the autodunk by Tim Girton
Dunking Booth by Tim Girton
In she goes by Tim Girton
Dunking Booth by Tim Girton
Good sport Carly by Tim Girton

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