SKETCHBOOK: Football Parents

It’s been a full photography weekend and it started Friday. It was a bye week for the Valley High School Vikings so there was no game. By the way, my son London was reinstated after his unfair treatment at the Fairdale game against those wannabe tough guys.  But that’s beside the point in this case.

We got the guys together for a Vikings Appreciation Day to show our support for the team. They’ve had a tough year with injuries, cheating officials and London’s incident, too. We wanted them to know we love them. We fed them full of pizza, cookies, brownies and candy and sent them away wired and ready for their weekend. The other draw was photos of the players.

They know London’s dad always has a camera so we got a chance to make photos of all the guys. So what I want to start out showing is players and their parents. And I’m biased so London is first, here posing with Misty. More of them to come.

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