SKETCHBOOK: The Mother and her Quarterback

You’ve seen Brayden before. He’s the quarterback on the Valley High School Vikings football team. He’s a senior, which gave us a chance to do some awesome senior portraits earlier this year. He’s one of London’s best friends on the team and the guy that turns London into a beast on the field because he’s always motivated by the mantra, “no one touches my quarterback.

Now it’s been a tough season for Brayden. In the first game of the season, he injured his ACL but he’s almost ready to return. One of the people who has supported him throughout his football career is his mom Melissa. She’s nurtured him through this injury, but, like most moms, she’s been there the whole time. In fact, when we did Viking Appreciation Day last Friday, she’s one of the parents who went non-stop to make sure it was a good time for the guys. Of course, I wanted a photo of them.

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