FOOTBALL: Valley at John Hardin

The Valley High School football Vikings are nearly back at full strength. They’re almost to the point where they had hoped to be at the beginning of the season. The biggest problem with that is that they took on their out of town arch nemesis Friday night. The good news, however, is that the Vikings can move the ball and can keep up. So much so that they score was tied at halftime. In the end, though, Valley fell to the Bulldogs. But, like the above shot, there were highlights like this end zone interception.

Number one quarterback Braden Campos rejoined his teammates on the field. He’s been out since the middle of the first game of the season with an ACL tear. He worked his way back and is not at full strength, throwing TD passes and scrambling when he needs to. And the quarterback sneak was particularly effective as London Girton, my son, played center and Brayden gained some yards behind him, including a touchdown.

The Vikings play rival Western on Friday night at home. Let’s get ’em, Vikes.

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