SKETCHBOOK: Junior with Senior Skills

The moment Patrick Dumire stepped onto the field at Valley High School’s Viking Harbor he immediately represented an upgrade to the offense. And this was while he was an 8th grader. Now he’s a junior and he’s just getting better.

Most of his high school career, he’s been the anchor on the offensive line as the center and an essential part of short yardage situations. When the Vikings need a yard or two, the quarterback takes the snap and just follows Patrick to the first down.

He’s also my son London’s best friend on the team. They even back each other up on the field. When Patrick is out, London’s the center. This last game at John Hardin, Patrick took over London’s left tackle position and London snapped the ball. They work to make each other better and they both have the same attitude about the defense: you have to go through me to get to my quarterback and you ain’t getting through me.

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