FOOTBALL: Western at Valley

The Valley High School Vikings took to the field at Viking Harbor last night to host fellow South End rival Western High School for a showdown. Was the game hard fought? You bet. Was it officiated fairly? Of course not. Did the Vikings make mistakes? Unquestionably. Did the referees look the other way on visitor penalties? Are you kidding me? They always do.

Western at Valley by Tim Girton
Western at Valley by Tim Girton

Some of us fans wonder why it happens. Sure, we look at our guys through rose-colored glasses so I understand the bias. But what the parents on the sidelines are asking for is even-handed treatment. If we’re going to lose, that’s fine. Just let it be fair.

Western at Valley by Tim Girton
Western at Valley by Tim Girton

That sentiment counts even when we win. Most of the time, the officials hired by the KHSAA have an agenda. Obviously. If they just call it down the middle we wouldn’t have a problem. But the only games that were called down the middle were out of the county. Anderson County and John Hardin, both losses, had good referees who did play fair. But why does JCPS hate Valley High School so much? Something to think about.

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