SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart

A few years ago, I got a chance to work with Abby, then her sister Emily and on Sunday, third sister Molly. And each of those young ladies has been their own dream to work with. Mother Lynn has raised four incredible daughters, of which I have now done senior photos of the eldest three. I’m hoping to make photos of all four.

Molly, shown here, is one of the stars of the Butler High School basketball team. You know, state champions two years ago. One of the favorites to get there again this year. So not only is Molly beautiful, she’s also athletic and immensely talented. How talented? She’s accepted a scholarship to play her college basketball at the University of Louisville. You know, one of those schools that seems like they have a pipeline to the WNBA.

I can’t wait to show you more photos from this shoot. Molly rocked it.

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