SKETCHBOOK: Thanksgiving is Gratitude Day

The idea behind Thanksgiving is right in line with my beliefs. We should all be grateful and give thanks for what we have. No matter how much we have or what we have. You entered the world with nothing.

Which means everything else is a gift. Are you grateful or do you think you are entitled to it all. Be careful with that thought. It’s all temporary. It can all go away.

You’re better off using that feeling of gratitude to do something with the eternal part of you. When people mention positive vibes, there’s something to that.

Today, I get to expresa my gratitude for Misty, London and Talia (not pictured as she lives overseas). London is the best son in history. Misty didn’t have to be his mom. When his mother abandonded him, she stepped in with no hesitation. Talia is the best daughter in history with the most exciting life imaginable.

I am thankful for the extra special people in my life.

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