MOBILE: Never Used for Intended Purpose

It’s the time of year to display our Christmas guards. When I was a kid, I used to imagine that they guarded the erector set I begged Santa for. Well, that I told my mom to tell Santa that I really, really wanted.

Later, I found out they are called Nutcrackers. And if I can display a photo here, that means Misty has hundreds of them. Slight exaggeration, to be sure, but very slight.

Not that I’ve never cracked a nut with one. Honestly, they look so decorative that I think I might break it. So they’ll sit around and look festive and I’ll just use a modern silver set, like the kind I actually used back in the day.

They guardians can just stand over the box of socks and underwear under the tree. Momma was right. We all need those on Christmas.

She bought the erector set, too. Momma was smart and fun, too.

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