Time To Share

Here goes.

I’ll admit this up front so that if my lifestyle offends you that you can move on to the next destination in your internet surfing. I’m a vegan. The simple definition of that is that I only eat plant foods. Originally, I would say I only eat plant-based foods, but then I thought about it. Technically, all foods are plant-based. Even meat and poultry is plant-based because the flesh of meat is grown because the animal ate plant food. There’s where the term “grass-fed beef” comes from.

So I only eat plants. I started at the summer solstice of 2017. The time of year had no particular meaning. That was just when I decided to take the plunge. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and leaning toward it, but never actually went over the edge until then.

The original plan was to become vegetarian and that’s how I consumed for about two months. Making the transition to full vegan was easy after that. After you’ve decided to give up eating meat, it’s simple to avoid liquid meat (milk), congealed meat (cheese) and non-mature meat (eggs).

I can’t say that I did it for the greater good. To be honest, it was for my health. After doing the research, you start to realize the inconvenient truth, to borrow a phrase from Al Gore. Metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease are caused by the Standard American Diet or SAD, which is the perfect initialism for the way we eat.

Around this time last year, I started using crutches to get around because my gouty arthritis was so painful that I couldn’t get around without assistance. Misty had to get off work, come pick me up at the house, drop me off at work, then come back to get me when I was done before she went back to her own job. That just wasn’t fair.

But what’s really not fair is that we’re not taught how to avoid most of our health issues, which will eventually lead to home and hearth issues as well. If I had known I could reduce my inflammation by eliminating dairy, I would have done so a long time ago. The reason we’re not informed? Money.

If the public is told that you could make most of your health problems go away by eating differently, a great deal of us would do it yesterday. How many maintenance medications are you on right now? That’s the trap. Make you sick by touting the health benefits or the great taste of meat, which is a lie, then wait for you to get sick. The meat industry makes tons of money.

Then, when you do contract disease because you ate all that meat, you head to the doctor and let them exercise their expertise by spending 2 minutes in their office with you and have them prescribe medication that they get kickbacks for. And not curative medication, but maintenance medication. Maintenance medication means you don’t get cured, you subsidize the pharmaceutical industry.

You’re caught in the middle unless you break out, which is what I’m doing. I don’t want a series of pills. I want real, honest-to-goodness, health. But America won’t get it as long as we’re funding the industries that are killing us.

I’ll be sharing snapshots from the journey and, since you’ll be able to go along with me, you’ll be able to see if it works. And then you can make your own decisions about your health. And now that we’re just past the winter solstice, let’s go.

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