This. Kid. Right. Here.

There’s a part of the Tao that I was reading today and it reminded me of my son London because it describes his personality. He’s never read the Tao and at this point of his life, he’s not even interested in it, but part of it is in him nonetheless.

It’s the first part of Verse 49:

The sage (London) has no set mind.

He adopts the concerns of others as his own.

He is good to the good.

He is also good to the bad.

This is real goodness.

He trusts the trustworthy.

He also trusts the untrustworthy.

This is real trust.

That’s my boy to a tee. The photo above is one I pulled from today’s senior photoshoot. Yeah, it’s part 4 for him. What can I say? His dad is a photographer.

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