Cleans Up Pretty Good

Yeah, that’s an old country thing. “He cleans up pretty good,” they say. Or they direct it at you or some third party. But that’s okay because we’re in the country. Which is weird because Louisville is the crossroads. Too north to be southern but too south to be northern. And so it will be with London when we goes off to wherever life takes him.

He’ll be too southern to be from the north and to northern to be from the south. And that’s okay because the world is his oyster and after graduation, he’ll be able to do anything. And what til you see what he announces are his plans for the future. You’ll be proud of him too.

But the photo on the left is this morning at 7. The photo on the right was taken this afternoon at around 2, after he got his fresh fade and beard shape up. No matter what you say, he cleans up pretty good.

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