The Graduate

Last Thursday, my son London graduated high school. It’s quite the accomplishment. Not that any high school kid sees it that way. But he’s got every reason to be proud of himself.

Valley Graduation Ceremony by Tim Girton
Misty, London and me: the obligatory proud parents shot.

For the parents, it was off to Broadbent Arena for Misty and me to pay the outrageous $8 parking fee to watch that handsome kid take a walk down the aisle, across the stage, and get his high school diploma.

Valley Graduation Ceremony by Tim Girton
Patrick and London: friend til the end.

I’m sure the gravitas of the moment hasn’t sunken in yet. It doesn’t for most grads. Usually, your mood is relief as in, “finally that’s done.” We all had the same feeling until we realize that was a big part of our lives that set us up for the next step. Which, I’ll make his public on the next post: The Graduation Party. Check out the gallery below.

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