Occupy ICE in Louisville

Remember when Mayor Greg Fischer declared Louisville a compassionate city. Considering the type of police state he’s presiding over in 2018, the lie of compassion is coming back to haunt us. Take today’s Occupy ICE protests. You know, civil disobedience without violence or bloodshed. He decided, we gotta crush it anyway. He destroyed on Occupy protest when the protesters had to be human beings and leave for a few minutes. He couldn’t send it the Gestapo fast enough.

Today, I happened to be walking past the Federal Building on my way to work and they were setting up another Occupy protest on the public grounds. Did I have a suspicion that it would not end well? Of course. So when I left work, the 20 people that were left after the protestors were chased away were lorded over by about 40 cops.

I think the media were disappointed. No violent photos or videos. Dr King showed the way by using civil non-violent disobedience when you use your voices to show compassion. As far as a compassionate city? Check all those cops to intimidate a few folks doing nothing threatening. I guess this is Fuehrer Fischer’s idea of compassion.

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