January 7, 2019

As the guy that wants to be the photographer you think about when you think about Louisville image makers, particularly in Old Louisville, I’ve vowed to make it a point to go on a few walkabouts in the neighborhood. It’s so diverse that there’s always something that will get your interest.

For example, when I strolled down Fourth Street, I passed Adrienne and Company. It’s fairly new to the area but something else rattled around in my brain. Good thing for Google. There’s an article in the Courier-Journal that’ll make you take notice.

Free doughnuts for life.

You see, Adrienne and Company wanted to get some attention when they opened their Old Louisville location. They’ve been successful in Jeffersonville, New Albany and Floyds Knobs so to make sure us Old Louisvillian’s love them, too, they decided to give away the good stuff to a lucky sweet tooth. The drawing will be announced on their Facebook page.

So maybe you go, try ’em and decide if you want them for life.

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