Archer’s Birthday

I’ve been going back and forth about what to do with my website and, in particular, my blog. I’ve been on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social network of any import trying to figure out how to make the best impression for SEO and Google purposes. But after a little inspiration and some soul searching, I think I don’t care about all the business reasons I’m supposed to be chasing. When I started my website 15 years ago, I did it for myself. That’s what I’m going back to.

I love sharing the photos I’ve made and I stopped doing that because the SEO (search engine optimization) didn’t make sense. But, really, who cares. How about I practice my art, carry my camera non-stop and fall back in love with making photographs?

And let’s start that by showing you what happened earlier to day when we went to my nephew Archer’s birthday party. As you can see, he picked up some sort of shiner before we got there but it didn’t slow him down.

He turned two and he’s been a bruiser since he could crawl. But he’s a hoot to hang around with, as you can see here.

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