WorldFest on the Belvedere

The annual WorldFest took place on the Belvedere over the Labor Day weekend and, as per normal during WorldFest time, it was about as hot as it gets the entire weekend. Misty and I waited until Monday to visit, hoping one of those days wouldn’t hit 90. No such luck, but we had a good time.


Valu-Market had their set up, which I always love. It’s nice to see things I can’t find at Kroger, like these multi-colored potatoes. The first time I had yucca was purchased at WorldFest. When you visit Misty’s Instagram, you’ll see me with my vegan somosas, which were fantastic with mango lemonade. Vegetable spring rolls were nice, too.


Another thing I always love is the variety of fabrics and closing styles that we get to see. I have yet to purchase anything because I want to find something authentic to my background. It’s an argument to do a DNA kit. Problem is the sale of my DNA profile to a government that has a distinct dislike for brown people keeps me from going to the companies that do the testing and the betraying of their customers.


I grabbed a shot of the Second Street Bridge from the top of the Belevedere just because we were up there. The color of the repainting is growing on me. More photos below.

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