HighlandsFest on Baxter Avenue

Misty and I had date night in the Highlands at the annual HighlandsFest. By Tuesday in Louisville it’s going to be almost 100 degrees, so a good warm, but not hot, Saturday evening around the more bohemian of people sounded like a good plan. Including that mean mugging dude above.

HighlandsFest by Tim Girton

And, since this is the Highlands and Highlanders love their dogs, there were plenty of pets around. This pair were with their doggie daddy and the one in the foreground was unique in that one eye is that clear blue that the breed is known for, but the other eye is brown. I thought that was cool and had to get a photo.

HighlandsFest by Tim Girton

The didn’t leave the kids out either. They built an entire kids area but the star of the show, besides the bouncey house, of course, was the bubble dude. Making all kinds of large and small bubbles with plenty of space for kids to make their own. More photos from our experience below.

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