Op-Ed: What Is Greg Fischer Hiding?

Don’t worry, I’m still on a social media detox of sorts. But I made a mistake and stopped posting to my website. Since I own this, I don’t have to worry about Facebook or Twitter stealing my content. Read the terms of service. Hidden in there, those websites own everything you post and we just said yes. So all the hatred spewed belongs to them that they can use to keep the hatred going.

When I went on my detox, I decided not to participate on the web at all. I know, it’s just one guy fighting the system, but life feels so much better when you don’t look and discover a good friend is secretly a hate monger. For some reason, people feel like if they post it on social media it’s okay.

So thankfully, I have tools that will post to social media without me having to following anything. Don’t get excited. I’m not going to waste my time scrolling. Some people handle it better than me. I just get lost down the rabbit hole for hours and get hurt when people criticize me unfairly.

Okay, all that intro out of the way, let me give you a recent op-ed that I wrote. The Courier-Journal decided not to use it, but I have some things to say. Read on.

What Is Greg Fischer Hiding?

How many years ago were we sold the idea that Greg Fischer wanted to make Louisville a compassionate city? Probably sometime around the time we were also told that Louisville was “Possibility City.” Which one worked out better?

If your answer is, “neither,” the mayor may owe you a chicken dinner. But why would a compassionate city have homicide crime increases nearly every year that Fischer’s police chief Steve Conrad was in office with very little comment during that time.

Conrad was the boss with Breonna Taylor was senselessly murdered in her own apartment because police broke in and fired blindly into the darkness. Which is even more problematic when you consider that the actual suspect had been picked up previously.

Even more problematic is that the “no knock” warrant could have been served at any time. They didn’t have to flex their authority in the dark of night. If you thought Taylor, or her boyfriend Kenneth Walker, had something they shouldn’t have, why not “knock on the door and introduce yourselves” at dinner time? Perhaps when The Real Housewives of Anywhere aired? What was the reason the police required the use of a battering ram during the pitch blackness to have a look around the apartment?

Consider David McAtee. Chief Conrad was still in charge, even though we had been told he was on his way to retirement, when McAtee was gunned down by a military squad. You now, the barbecue stand owner who was widely known by residents to feed the police.

Why did Fischer, allow the National Guard into the West End to break up a peaceful protest? Why are peaceful protesters ever broken up at all. If we have the right of assembly, why use police to break up the crowds in the first place? Is it so important that cars are not delayed that we law enforcement is instructed to execute citizens?

Despite the way some TV channels tried to spin the narrative, violence did not happen until the police arrived in nearly every case. The parallels to the Civil Rights Movement are stark and subject to another article.

After the McAtee murder, Conrad was asked to leave by the mayor. It makes the city wonder if the dismissal, and it was a dismissal, not a retirement, was supposed to make the city breathe a little easier because the bad guy was gone. Leaving behind a thousand other bad guys that don’t mind doing the what the first bad guy said was okay.

Does Mayor Fischer understand that the city keeps wondering why the bad apples are able to be such rotten fruit. One of the executioners in the Breonna Taylor case finally lost his job. Not charged with killing an innocent person, mind you, just fired. Fischer said, in the pages of this esteemed publication on July 24, 2020, that state law KRS 67c imposes a gag order on him.

However, anyone can read KRS 67c. No where in the law does it mention that mayors have to protect police officers who commit murder. It does not mention that a mayor must ignore the community when said community requests justice. And if you check, there is no part of the statute that states the mayor must cower to the power of the police union, like Fischer is currently doing.

The entire city is not buying it. He said can’t let any evidence out because the FBI is investigating. As if they don’t already have all the evidence because they are the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

And then there’s the murder of McAtee. He has yet to address why those military members were in the West End telling peaceful protesters to go away. And when they did not go away as quickly as the National Guard thought they should, they Guard fired and killed an African-American man. Who fired the fatal shots? Did Fischer ask for an investigation of that murder?

It looks like he prefers to hide out in his basement more than Joe Biden. His few media appearances have been a farcical attempt at damage control. Gilbert Corsey, usually more Leslie Stahl than Mike Wallace, eviscerated him in a one on one interview. His public appearances have turned into opportunities for him to be escorted away from protesters without addressing them.

Why is Greg Fischer hoping this will blow over? Is there a reason for him to cover for the bad apple orchard of police mistakes and brutality? This is not a accusation but the public has a right to know.

What is Greg Fischer hiding?

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