OPINION: Dear Louisville Media, Words Matter

In the photo above, you can see the evidence that Louisville Metro Government and Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) don’t want anyone to have access to Injustice Square, even though the official protest ended last night.

Why is Louisville media still helping the Louisville Metro Police Department to try to make the Breonna Taylor case go away? As a former member of said media, I can say from experience that they don’t think they are helping that. However, every newsroom in the city is still standing up for the police version of events. You know, the exact opposite of journalism.

It’s what they’ve always done.

How many cases have you seen or read about where the final word reported is the word police have given? There are so many that we’ve all lost track, However, thanks to the rise of social media and the fact that everyone has a camera in their pocket, everyone has learned that the police department is filled with people who are not the highest version of the people we thought they were.

Yet, with the media still controlled at the top by middle aged and older white males, the coverage is still ordered to be this way. How much more public sentiment would change if you opened the Courier-Journal and read the truth? The Courier, under Gannett, and all the television outlets refer to the death of Breonna Taylor. Would the mainstream opinion change if they told the truth and wrote about the murder of Breonna Taylor?

How much would change if the general public saw that? Death is death and it will happen to all of us. But change death to murder and the natural inclination is to seek justice.

And yes, justice was sought but Daniel Cameron was setting up his political future so he made sure you did what Republican voters, middle aged and older white males, wanted him to do. He made sure the police officers involved in the murder walked away without so much as a slap on the wrist. How could the only officer who was held responsible for anything not be held responsible for the murder? He got in trouble for firing into someone else’s apartment. Not for firing into the apartment of the woman unfairly targeted for murder.

Why was it okay that he was attempting to murder Breonna Taylor, but it wasn’t okay to shoot at anyone else. Is it possible to think logically and keep in mind that he shouldn’t have been discharging his weapon at all?

So let’s see. The police officers were at Breonna Taylor’s apartment on a fake, trumped up no-knock warrant. The police picked up the real suspect they were looking for prior to arriving at the apartment. They didn’t announce themselves before they broke the door down. Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend made the assumption, and rightfully so, that they were about to be victims of a home invasion and, being the legal gun owner that he is, fired a warning shot so that the criminals breaking into the apartment would know that he was legally authorized to defend the place according to Kentucky’s law regarding the castle doctrine. Then the criminals, aka the police, fired blindly into the apartment and murdered an innocent woman.

When the police saw that the innocent woman was still alive and that they should render assistance but chose not to do so, how would that have played in a television interview? And not to forget, Kenneth Walker, the man who broke no law since the police couldn’t be bothered to tell him that they were with LMPD, was arrested and charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

How could he have known it was the police? Remember, they wouldn’t be bothered to use the lung capacity to tell Kenneth Walker who they were. In the early aftermath of Breonna Taylor’s murder, the media just went with the police lie that Kenneth Walker tried to kill cops who were serving a warrant.

Newsrooms are mostly vacant so I assume there was no one available to investigate the police lie. Just take the department’s word for it. They wouldn’t lie to us. Oh, and the body cameras weren’t working? An incredible coincidence that those cameras, that would have led us to the truth right away didn’t happen to be recording. According to the police, who would never lie.

And a year later, the media still can’t bring itself to call it murder. Even though they understand that they communicate in words and the words they choose to use make a difference.

Because the media would never lie. Or are we learning that that’s another false assumption.

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