FLASHBACK: March 30, 2012

Freelance photographers like me who used to rely on newspapers to provide photo opportunities used to enjoy the competition between the Courier-Journal and the Voice-Tribune. During those heady days you got to grab your camera and go. Just make it interesting and clickable.

Years ago the Courier ran a free newspaper called Velocity as an attempt to get younger readers to understand the value of newspapers. They also had a connected website called MetroMix. I hated when those publications went away because I thought they had a chance to work. And I enjoyed the money, of course.

8 years ago today, the Courier sent me out to The Phoenix Hill Tavern, rest in peace, to capture the vibrant nightlife that Louisville used to have for Velocity and Metro. The weird part is, when we stopped covering it, as the Party Crasher, it kind of went away. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, but it felt like we were covering something special at the time.

Such as this limbo contest at a March luau. Yeah, compared to Covid-19, Louisville was jumping.

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