Cleans Up Pretty Good

Yeah, that’s an old country thing. “He cleans up pretty good,” they say. Or they direct it at you or some third party. But that’s okay because we’re in the country. Which is weird because Louisville is the crossroads. Too north to be southern but too south to be northern. And so it will be with London when we goes off to wherever life takes him. Continue reading “Cleans Up Pretty Good”


SKETCHBOOK: Look at Kayla’s Baby

I hate that Kayla and Conner are about to leave and take this cute little guy with them. Jack is a wonder to work with

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SKETCHBOOK: Who’s A Big Sweetie?

So Dakota is spending some time at the Girton Compound and ended up celebrating his first birthday. But what’s a birthday without pictures.

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SKETCHBOOK: Watch Yourself

Of course, that’s not a message to Megan and Tyler. They are amazing and I’m excited about the life and the love they’re building with each other. It’s a warning to photographers. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Watch Yourself”

SKETCHBOOK: Where’s The House

In Louisville on River Road and Frankfort Avenue, there’s an awesome facade for a house that was built in the 19th century and we did some engagement photos of Megan and Tyler there. As beautiful as the structure is, Megan and Tyler still put it to shame. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Where’s The House”

SKETCHBOOK: Tender Moments are Fun Moments

I’ve already mentioned how easy it was to make remarkable¬†photos of Megan and Tyler at their engagement photo shoot. And, as you’ve seen from the photos so far, that’s the truth.¬† Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Tender Moments are Fun Moments”

SKETCHBOOK: Megan and Tyler

Earlier today, Misty and I took Megan and Tyler on a tour of some cool looking spots downtown in NuLu and the Waterfront for their engagement photo shoot.
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Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?

The company that’s my day job, Computershare, teamed up with another company in the Meidinger Tower downtown by 4th Street Live, TQL, to do a charity fundraising dunk tank. Who got dunked? It was voted on throughout the company and two of my friends ended up taking the plunge. This is Brady. He and I worked on a previous team with desks fairly close to each other. We’ve since switched departments and are now on opposite ends of the same team. When the email came out that he was going in the drink, well, I knew how it was going to end. Like this. Continue reading “Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?”

SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party

I mentioned in an earlier post about the option of shooting the wedding party photos before the ceremony rather than at the end. Each way has their strengths and during a wedding consultation, we make sure to bring up both possibilities and let the client decide. We’ll shoot it either way. That’s our job as the photographers that are lucky enough to be hired to catch your special moments. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party”