SKETCHBOOK: Megan and Tyler

Earlier today, Misty and I took Megan and Tyler on a tour of some cool looking spots downtown in NuLu and the Waterfront for their engagement photo shoot.
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Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?

The company that’s my day job, Computershare, teamed up with another company in the Meidinger Tower downtown by 4th Street Live, TQL, to do a charity fundraising dunk tank. Who got dunked? It was voted on throughout the company and two of my friends ended up taking the plunge. This is Brady. He and I worked on a previous team with desks fairly close to each other. We’ve since switched departments and are now on opposite ends of the same team. When the email came out that he was going in the drink, well, I knew how it was going to end. Like this. Continue reading “Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?”

SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party

I mentioned in an earlier post about the option of shooting the wedding party photos before the ceremony rather than at the end. Each way has their strengths and during a wedding consultation, we make sure to bring up both possibilities and let the client decide. We’ll shoot it either way. That’s our job as the photographers that are lucky enough to be hired to catch your special moments. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party”

FOOTBALL: Valley at Fairdale

I’ve written this post over and over. Ten times, in all actuality. It’s hard to believe what happened last night in a high school football game and, since I’m planning to press charges, I have to make sure I don’t say the wrong thing. As usual, Valley played a fair game against the players from Fairdale and the referees. Nothing unusual there. In Jefferson County, the fix is in for the Vikings. We’re used to it. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at Fairdale”

SKETCHBOOK: Valley Football Schedule

Remember a few days ago when I joked that we accidentally created the Valley High School football poster for 2017? Well, my son London, the tough looking guy on the left, said, “Hey dad. Can you make a football poster?” Voila. Feel free to download or print and keep. These Vikings are going to be fun to watch this year.

Prom Night for London

What a transitional year for my family, mostly due to the maturation of my son London. He’s a high school junior. He just turned 17. He has a serious girlfriend. And he just went to his first prom. That young lady in the cover photo is Danielle and that was his date for that traditionally pivotal high school dance ceremony, this year at the Mellwood Arts Center. Continue reading “Prom Night for London”

Another Glimmer with Emma

When it comes to creating traditions, it’s a lot of fun when you do it with littles ones. About three years ago, we started going with Emma to the Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glimmer at Waterfront Park in Fest-A-Ville. I wrote a sneak peak last week after the Glimmer, but here are the others photos I took, starting with Emma herself. Continue reading “Another Glimmer with Emma”

SKETCHBOOK: Balloon Glimmer

I’ll have a full-blown post next week, but I wanted to share at least one photo from last night’s Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glimmer at Fest-A-Ville at Waterfront Park. It’s become a tradition with Misty, her best friend Becky and Becky’s daughter (my niece) Emma. This time around because of a scheduling conflict, Emma’s Uncle London couldn’t be there, but I told him not to worry because I was bringing back photos. I mean, it’s me. There will be photos. In fact, last year’s photos are here.

Spending the Day with Jaxon

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Jaxon and I collaborated on photos when he was just one year old. I chased him around the University of Louisville campus before he slowed down enough to do some of that fun smash cake stuff that we all love. So a couple of weeks ago, we met Jaxon and his mother Whitney at Farnsley-Moreman Landing for another photo session – including more chasing. Continue reading “Spending the Day with Jaxon”