Birthday Mini with Mia

As you can see from the cover photo of this entry, Mia is one heck of a happy personality and her joy is contagious. She exudes fun and the whole time we did her two-year-old birthday mini-session, she was a breeze to work with. As you’ll see from the photos, it was nothing but good times. Continue reading “Birthday Mini with Mia”

Prom Night for London

What a transitional year for my family, mostly due to the maturation of my son London. He’s a high school junior. He just turned 17. He has a serious girlfriend. And he just went to his first prom. That young lady in the cover photo is Danielle and that was his date for that traditionally pivotal high school dance ceremony, this year at the Mellwood Arts Center. Continue reading “Prom Night for London”

Spending the Day with Jaxon

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Jaxon and I collaborated on photos when he was just one year old. I chased him around the University of Louisville campus before he slowed down enough to do some of that fun smash cake stuff that we all love. So a couple of weeks ago, we met Jaxon and his mother Whitney at Farnsley-Moreman Landing for another photo session – including more chasing. Continue reading “Spending the Day with Jaxon”

Tonika Turns Four

I always enjoy a photo shoot with kids involved. It gives me a chance to turn on the Uncle Tim persona and attempt to get some real, genuine laughter and expression for the kids involved. Of course, they have the “cheese” face, which is what all of us have been told to mimic for as long as I can remember, whether being in front of or behind the lens. But when a kid shows real fun, those are the best. Tonika gave that to me in bunches. Continue reading “Tonika Turns Four”

Brittany and Rob: It’s About Time

It’s been talked about since the time Brittany and Rob got serious about each other: when will they tie the knot. Brittany is one of Misty’s favorite cousins so she was in on all the talk and when Rob finally asked, via a method I’ll share later when I showcase the actual wedding photos, Brittany asked if we would do the nuptial photos. We answered in the affirmative and we were also lucky enough to add the engagement photos, too. Some of which I’m sharing here. Continue reading “Brittany and Rob: It’s About Time”

Prom Prep with Shelbie

This past Saturday, I got a chance to enter a new photo genre: prom prep. It was fun with our willing model Shelbie, who is totally beautiful, which you can see in the before and after photos above. I love that she was game for pretty much anything we did. It made my job much easier to just be able to shoot to my heart’s content. With what you’ll see, I think you’ll agree that she brought the pretty in a big way. Continue reading “Prom Prep with Shelbie”

A Little More Corey

Some weeks ago, I showed off a few photos of Corey during his time at the motocross park that became part of his senior portrait shoot. Then, over this past weekend, we shot the bulk of his portrait session at Waverly Park in Pleasure Ridge Park. Continue reading “A Little More Corey”

SKETCHBOOK: Working with Girton Images

I just wanted to show a little snippet of what it’s like to work with Girton Images and Misty Meredith Photography. We took a little video footage while we worked with a family who was amenable to having some recording done. I’ll post more from this shoot at another time, but it was a good time for us and, I hope, a good time for them as well.

Let’s Get Fired Up

A couple of weeks ago, my brother David asked me to do some photos of his daughter Kira and her basketball team on their final junior varsity game of the year. You can see those photos here. This past Saturday, he asked if I would come out and do some photos of his youngest daughter Alanna and her cheer squad. As you can see from the cover photo, I said yes. Continue reading “Let’s Get Fired Up”