SKETCHBOOK: Vision of Love

The recent hate explosion can be disheartening to a person like me. I spend my time being positive and trying to create positivity around me, despite some of the darker events going on around me. It takes effort to overcome the strikes I was born with. Being black and male makes a certain segment of the population hate and fear me. Just by looking at me. And the recent event in Charlottesville and the upcoming rally just down the road in Lexington prove that point. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Vision of Love”

SKETCHBOOK: Last First Day of High School

Wednesday marked the first day of the 2017-18 JCPS school year and with my son being a senior going into the semester it’s his last first day of high school. Yes, I realize if the academics go south that would open up the door to the possibility of another one, but he knows that his last name is Girton and the elder one in his household will not allow that to happen. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Last First Day of High School”

SKETCHBOOK: The Fall of Snow Emma

I think I mentioned before that my niece Emma loves her fairy tales and her Disney princesses. She knows the movies by heart, as most little girls do, and knows how the stories work out. So it’s not surprise that when we asked her to act out parts of the tales for her birthday photo story, she came through for great images. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Fall of Snow Emma”

SKETCHBOOK: When Your Kid Gets Famous

At the risk of sounding like one of those parents that bursts with pride over his son, I’m going to recommend you take a trip over to and see my son’s name in the review of the Valley High School Vikings football squad. He gets a mention along with several of his good friends from the team as the core of the leadership of the team. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: When Your Kid Gets Famous”


Energy. That’s the word that best describes Kendall along with beautiful, charming and smart. The entire shoot through Central Park and St James Court consisted of chase and snap for me. It’s an awesome way to make portraits of kids. I want the energy to come through because when these photos become memories it works best when they can look back and see their true younger selves. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: …And I’m Done”


During her birthday photoshoot, Emma had a costume change and we took to Central Park to reenact a few scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. That’s why she’s taking a big, exaggerated bite of a juicy red apple. And thanks to the portion of Central Park we used, we have the suggestion of a forest. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Snow Emma”

SKETCHBOOK: Cinderemma Lost Her Slipper

My niece Emma love her Disney princesses and has knows all the movies by heart so she was able to play along with the way the poses needed to go to tell her birthday story. For example, it’s a few minutes til midnight and she’s coming down the stairs and, oh my, she’s lost one of her slippers. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Cinderemma Lost Her Slipper”

SKETCHBOOK: Little Girls and Big Brothers

How sweet is it to see little girls and big brothers together? Sure, they’ll fight and scream just as hard as they’ll love and nurture each other. Especially when they have a strong bond like Kendall and her bubby. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Little Girls and Big Brothers”

SKETCHBOOK: Emma’s Fairy Tale

If you’ve only been exposed to this website or follow me on social media, you’ve seen my niece Emma grow up before your very eyes. By way of explanation, Emma’s not a blood niece but we love each other as if we were. She’s the daughter of Misty’s best friend, Becky. I met Emma shortly after she was born and we immediately clicked. It was then that she and I decided to be uncle and niece forever. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Emma’s Fairy Tale”