SKETCHBOOK: Balloon Glimmer

I’ll have a full-blown post next week, but I wanted to share at least one photo from last night’s Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glimmer at Fest-A-Ville at Waterfront Park. It’s become a tradition with Misty, her best friend Becky and Becky’s daughter (my niece) Emma. This time around because of a scheduling conflict, Emma’s Uncle London couldn’t be there, but I told him not to worry because I was bringing back photos. I mean, it’s me. There will be photos. In fact, last year’s photos are here.

SKETCHBOOK: Patrick’s Blue Hair

One of my son London’s best friends is Patrick. They play on the football team together and Patrick is also an accomplished wrestler. Not the WWE kind, but he might look the part with the blue hair and the Predator emblazoned head gear. Is it a psychological ploy to his opponent? I’m not sure, but the blue hair is still kinda cool. He came over last weekend to get his color redone by Misty who was all too happy to touch up his Viking blue hair.

SKETCHBOOK: Behind the Scenes at Madame Trousseau

This past Thursday, the Voice-Tribune sent me to cover the grand opening for Madame Trousseau’s Bridal in the Henry Clay building in downtown Louisville. I’m always excited to see what’s happening at elegant affairs like this. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Behind the Scenes at Madame Trousseau”

SKETCHBOOK: Back and Forth


I’m probably about as scattered a photographer as you’ll ever meet. I go back and forth over which tool makes the best photo. Olympus, Canon, iPhone and it’s apps. This one has me going back to my flirtation with Hipstamatic. Probably going to do more. I’m okay with not knowing which one has the advantage. It keeps me curious.



SKETCHBOOK: Life on the Bee List

So how do you develop a love for bees? At my house, there’s no admiration for them because of a stinging incident when he was younger. But then you look at the color in the garden and remember what they do in nature. We’ll just give them a wider berth.

Sketchbook: Telling Stories

Sometimes when I see photos that I feel like I have to make I make up stories in my head about what I’m seeing. Like this couple at a Waffle House. They’ve been married since just after high school. They’ve raised their kids and now they can eat as much breakfast as they like. And yes, that’s all in my head.

Sketchbook: Montre and the Beats

Montre Reynolds Senior Portraits
I’m in the middle of editing Montre’s senior photos and I came across one that makes him look like the spokesperson for Beats headphones. Athletes love this brand of headphones and everything about the image makes me think that Dr. Dre needs to call Montre for an endorsement deal.



Sketchbook: Flowers

Lately, I’ve felt like has been underutilized and it’s my fault. This site has always been about showcasing my photography for fun and occasionally for profit. In that regard, you can call it a success. Continue reading “Sketchbook: Flowers”