FLASHBACK: 9 Years Ago

This was actually 9 years ago yesterday, but I got so busy with the day job I didn’t have time to create this post. But I think it’s so good, I decided not to wait for a 10 years ago post in 364 days. Obviously it was made during March Insanity (you know what it’s really called, but the NCAA won’t let anyone say it unless you’re giving them money) and the University of Louisville was doing well.

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Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?

The company that’s my day job, Computershare, teamed up with another company in the Meidinger Tower downtown by 4th Street Live, TQL, to do a charity fundraising dunk tank. Who got dunked? It was voted on throughout the company and two of my friends ended up taking the plunge. This is Brady. He and I worked on a previous team with desks fairly close to each other. We’ve since switched departments and are now on opposite ends of the same team. When the email came out that he was going in the drink, well, I knew how it was going to end. Like this. Continue reading “Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?”

A busy party weekend all over the Ville

John Luther and Hope Mott were among the many fans of the Zac Brown Band that came downtown to the KFC Yum! Center to see the in concert.
John Luther and Hope Mott were among the many fans of the Zac Brown Band.

Last weekend had party people jumping all over Louisville. On Thursday, the Zac Brown Band performed at the KFC Yum! Center and, while I didn’t get lucky enough to shoot the concert, Continue reading “A busy party weekend all over the Ville”

Happy Diwali and the Bull Riders

With the PBR in town, the mechanical bull proved even more popular than it already was.

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The Ville partied at the Pinnacle

The Spice Girls came for the party

Louisville came out to party last night at 4th Street Live for Ladies Night at the Pinnacle. The theme, besides being female friendly, meant that you had access to all the clubs upstairs at Continue reading “The Ville partied at the Pinnacle”

The Ville caught Friday Night Fever

I get to cover some interesting times and parties as a Party Crasher so I had no issue making my way to Tengo Sed Cantina at 4th Street Live for their 70s party, “Friday Night Live.” Continue reading “The Ville caught Friday Night Fever”

The Tenglow photos you haven’t seen until now

When I’m sent out on an assignment, I try to get the photos that the publication wants and I can’t tell you this without giving up on of the trade secrets of professional photographers, namely, Continue reading “The Tenglow photos you haven’t seen until now”

Fridays Now Include Freedom At PBR Louisville


What did you do on Friday night? Perhaps I saw you at PBR Louisville, which is where Metromix sent me to cover the nightlife event known as Continue reading “Fridays Now Include Freedom At PBR Louisville”

Louisville Magazine’s June Launch Party

Louisville Magazine had their June issue launch party at 4th Street Live on Wednesday and Metromix sent me to cover it. While the band Another Colour played, the restaurants of Continue reading “Louisville Magazine’s June Launch Party”