Monochrome Memorial Day

Another socially distanced holiday is upon us so we ended up doing a small celebration with close friends. And then there’s the photogeek that figures the alliteration would be cool. All that added up to Monochrome Memorial Day.

So I grabbed my Micro Four Thirds camera (yes, I still love Olympus) and used the built in black and white Art filter. Luckily, I liked the output and put together the collage in the Olympus software.

It was hard to fight the natural inclination to put the images in Lightroom, but I did. And I still like the images.

Louisville Blues-N-Barbecue Festival Day 2

We had the threat of storms hanging over the Louisville Blues-N-Barbecue Festival‘s second day. In the late morning and early afternoon, not just rain, but lightning kept us all watching our weather apps and Continue reading “Louisville Blues-N-Barbecue Festival Day 2”

Blues, Brews and BBQs

If someone mentioned the phrase “Blues, Brews and BBQs” what would you think? If you were me, you’d point your car in the direction of St. Matthews and Continue reading “Blues, Brews and BBQs”