SKETCHBOOK: Mighty Molly

Awesome senior Molly put up with me for a few more photos that I thought were important to documenting her life as a Butler High School senior. It’s one if those things about senior photos that I think of as mega valuable to the parents and to the kids later in their lives.

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Sketchbook: It’s Not Fair

Yes, you’re right. It’s not fair that momma Lynn has such beautiful daughters. I’m editing senior photos from the third one now and have already warned the fourth that she’s next.

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SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart

A few years ago, I got a chance to work with Abby, then her sister Emily and on Sunday, third sister Molly. And each of those young ladies has been their own dream to work with. Mother Lynn has raised four incredible daughters, of which I have now done senior photos of the eldest three. I’m hoping to make photos of all four. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart”

Let’s Get Fired Up

A couple of weeks ago, my brother David asked me to do some photos of his daughter Kira and her basketball team on their final junior varsity game of the year. You can see those photos here. This past Saturday, he asked if I would come out and do some photos of his youngest daughter Alanna and her cheer squad. As you can see from the cover photo, I said yes. Continue reading “Let’s Get Fired Up”

Future Miss Kentucky Basketball

Last Friday night, my niece Kira played the last junior varsity game of the season and my brother David asked if I’d come out and take some photos. I think I said yes before he finished the thought. As a photographer who can do some sports, I leaped at the chance because I haven’t done a basketball game of any time for quite some time. Continue reading “Future Miss Kentucky Basketball”

Father’s Day: The Gathering

Yesterday, I got the chance to spend one of the most interesting Father’s Days yet. Misty had the idea to invite the family over for a cookout. Actually, we started making plans before we realized we had a Hallmark holiday. Nonetheless, we sallied forth. Continue reading “Father’s Day: The Gathering”

Is Ashton already three?

Ashton's Third Birthday photo shoot by Tim Girton

Our friend Whitney hired us for our photographic skills to document the third birthday of her son Ashton. And since they’re big University of Louisville Cardinal fans, we went to the Belknap campus to get some of the ambiance of the sports program of 2013. Continue reading “Is Ashton already three?”

What else happens at Louisville basketball games

Gorgui Dieng and Chane Behanan warming up.
Gorgui Dieng and Chane Behanan warming up.

When you find yourself lucky enough to cover a top 10 NCAA college basketball team, you want to do it right. When you’re an alum of the school, you want to do it even better. That’s the answer I give my family when they ask why I get to the game so early which is typically 90 minutes before tip-off. In that time period, you get to do your homework, pick out the match ups you want to make sure to get shots of and enjoy the stuff going on behind the television cameras. Continue reading “What else happens at Louisville basketball games”

Louisville basketball gets the micro Four Thirds treatment

Peyton Siva dunks with authority.
Peyton Siva dunks with authority.

When University of Louisville basketball played Providence on Wednesday things got interesting on quite a few fronts. First, the start time moved to an hour earlier than previously scheduled to give Cardinal fans a chance to watch their Top 5 Continue reading “Louisville basketball gets the micro Four Thirds treatment”