WorldFest on the Belvedere

The annual WorldFest took place on the Belvedere over the Labor Day weekend and, as per normal during WorldFest time, it was about as hot as it gets the entire weekend. Misty and I waited until Monday to visit, hoping one of those days wouldn’t hit 90. Continue reading “WorldFest on the Belvedere”

Louisville’s parade of Pride

2013 Pride Parade by Tim Girton

The Kentuckiana Pride Foundation kicked off the Kentuckiana Pride Festival last night with their annual Pride Parade along Main Street leading to the Belvedere where the Festival takes place this week. The LGBTQ community as well as straight people came out to support and watch the antics of parade participants as well as the crowd, who tried to be equally entertaining. Continue reading “Louisville’s parade of Pride”

WorldFest After Dark


If you find yourself in Louisville, as a visitor or a resident, you owe it to yourself and your family to check out the 10th Annual WorldFest, going on all Continue reading “WorldFest After Dark”

Abbey Road on the River

How did you beat the heat on Memorial Day Monday yesterday? I didn’t even bother. I made my peace with it and headed to Abbey Road on the River to cover the final day of it on the Belvedere for Continue reading “Abbey Road on the River”