SKETCHBOOK: The Mother and her Quarterback

You’ve seen Brayden before. He’s the quarterback on the Valley High School Vikings football team. He’s a senior, which gave us a chance to do some awesome senior portraits earlier this year. He’s one of London’s best friends on the team and the guy that turns London into a beast on the field because he’s always motivated by the mantra, “no one touches my quarterback. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Mother and her Quarterback”

SKETCHBOOK: London and Brayden

I think we may have accidentally shot Valley High School’s 2017 football poster with my son London and his friend and quarterback Brayden. I always have fun shooting senior photos, but this was particularly awesome for my own personal reasons.

SKETCHBOOK: Brayden’s Senior Photos

We had another senior on last night’s photoshoot, Brayden. He’s the starting quarterback on the football team and one of my son London’s best friends. In fact, he’s the one we scheduled the shoot for, but because London’s a senior and a teammate, it made sense to get photos of both of them. After all, I already had the lighting set up. And Brayden did awesome, of course. As a QB, he’s used to performing under pressure. I have a few more to show, if you’d like to see them.