SKETCHBOOK: Getting in the Dress

One of the main focuses of wedding photography on the day of the ceremony is the dress. And why not? Wedding dresses are usually one of the main takeaways from the day. The couple, of course, is the main focus and Rob and Brittany are awesome together. Even if you didn’t know them, you could see it just by looking at them. But think about what the next question usually is: didn’t she look stunning in that dress? Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Getting in the Dress”

SKETCHBOOK: Rob and the Boys

You’ve seen how beautiful Brittany was as the bride at her wedding, but don’t get fooled. Her betrothed Rob was the most handsome guy there. Explains why they were the wonderful couple going through the most wonderful time of their lives. And look at all those handsome groomsmen. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Rob and the Boys”

SKETCHBOOK: Bride and Maid of Honor Moment

Because, of course, you need that moment. Weddings can be stressful. Even when you have a couple who are as made for each other as Rob and Brittany. So who’s job is it to keep the bride light of heart? In this matrimonial setting, that duty fell to the Maid of Honor, who came through with flying colors. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Bride and Maid of Honor Moment”

SKETCHBOOK: Brittany is an Akridge

Misty’s cousin Brittany tied the knot over the weekend in a spectacular and still intimate ceremony at the Broad Run Winery in Mt. Washington and we were lucky enough to photograph the nuptials. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Brittany is an Akridge”

Brittany and Rob: It’s About Time

It’s been talked about since the time Brittany and Rob got serious about each other: when will they tie the knot. Brittany is one of Misty’s favorite cousins so she was in on all the talk and when Rob finally asked, via a method I’ll share later when I showcase the actual wedding photos, Brittany asked if we would do the nuptial photos. We answered in the affirmative and we were also lucky enough to add the engagement photos, too. Some of which I’m sharing here. Continue reading “Brittany and Rob: It’s About Time”

Visting mama


This past weekend pushed my emotions all over the place. I spent some time in a night club doing a few photos of the Men of Playgirl. The phrase “an interesting experience” qualifies as an understatement. Continue reading “Visting mama”