SKETCHBOOK: Mighty Molly

Awesome senior Molly put up with me for a few more photos that I thought were important to documenting her life as a Butler High School senior. It’s one if those things about senior photos that I think of as mega valuable to the parents and to the kids later in their lives.

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Sketchbook: It’s Not Fair

Yes, you’re right. It’s not fair that momma Lynn has such beautiful daughters. I’m editing senior photos from the third one now and have already warned the fourth that she’s next.

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SKETCHBOOK: Model Tall Senior

I met Molly a few years ago when I was doing senior portraits of her eldest sister, Abby. Even at that time, you could see how close the sisters are and what great personalities they had. They are all beautiful in their own ways and, as close as they are, they have different interests and their mother encourages them to go for it, whatever it is. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Model Tall Senior”

SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart

A few years ago, I got a chance to work with Abby, then her sister Emily and on Sunday, third sister Molly. And each of those young ladies has been their own dream to work with. Mother Lynn has raised four incredible daughters, of which I have now done senior photos of the eldest three. I’m hoping to make photos of all four. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart”

Future Miss Kentucky Basketball

Last Friday night, my niece Kira played the last junior varsity game of the season and my brother David asked if I’d come out and take some photos. I think I said yes before he finished the thought. As a photographer who can do some sports, I leaped at the chance because I haven’t done a basketball game of any time for quite some time. Continue reading “Future Miss Kentucky Basketball”