The Graduate

Last Thursday, my son London graduated high school. It’s quite the accomplishment. Not that any high school kid sees it that way. But he’s got every reason to be proud of himself. Continue reading “The Graduate”

SKETCHBOOK: The Three Amigos

That’s London, Patrick and Brayden. They’re the football players we call The Three Amigos. They don’t. I don’t think they ever have because I’m not sure they have ever paid attention to how obvious their friendship is. On the football field, it was obvious. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Three Amigos”

FOOTBALL: Valley vs Breckenridge County

The Valley High School football Vikings had to ride an hour away from their home base of Viking Harbor to meet the Breckenridge County Tigers. It was a fruitful trip for the Vikings record as they came away with the blow out victory 42-0. Valley dominated with smothering defense and a supercharged offense. In fact, it was the supercharged offense they started the season with before an epidemic of injuries sidelined amazing players for weeks at a time. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley vs Breckenridge County”

FOOTBALL: Western at Valley

The Valley High School Vikings took to the field at Viking Harbor last night to host fellow South End rival Western High School for a showdown. Was the game hard fought? You bet. Was it officiated fairly? Of course not. Did the Vikings make mistakes? Unquestionably. Did the referees look the other way on visitor penalties? Are you kidding me? They always do. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Western at Valley”

SKETCHBOOK: Junior with Senior Skills

The moment Patrick Dumire stepped onto the field at Valley High School’s Viking Harbor he immediately represented an upgrade to the offense. And this was while he was an 8th grader. Now he’s a junior and he’s just getting better. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Junior with Senior Skills”

SKETCHBOOK: That Senior Twin

I know I’ve bragged about my senior portrait clients and how they’re the best. Justice here, the oldest twin from a couple of weeks ago, and I have tons in common. He’s a huge University of Louisville fan. That’s already a good thing. But he wanted some photos on campus as well. Imagine how much I was down for that. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: That Senior Twin”

SKETCHBOOK: Vikings and Moms

By now you get the idea that at Valley High School, football and moms go together, which is as it should be. There are so many kids that play and it’s detached from the rest of their family life. And that’s really quite a shame because the game is so much a part of who they are through their high school years. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Vikings. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Vikings and Moms”


We had some extra time this past weekend so we got a few more photos of London and Brayden. Misty had a couple of ideas including this one and luckily campus cooperated by parking a bus nearby. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: A Few More”

SKETCHBOOK: Three Point Stance

When we do senior photos, we always include something important to the senior we’re shooting. Since London is my son, it was easy to figure out what we were going to do aside from the regular “smile for dad” type of photos. Lucky for us, his coach is awesome and let us do some photos in the new school uniform prior to their season debut. The jersey looks awesome and London looks incredible. But I might be biased.