SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep

Over the weekend, I had the chance to cover the CQ Jam for WaterStep for the Voice-Tribune. It had everything and by that I mean it had people donating to charity, live music and torrential rain. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep”

What does Sigma Chi have to do with Cosmo?

Sigma Chi at Captain's Quarters by Tim Girton

Aside from the title of this article, probably not much. Except that I got a chance to cover both of their events earlier this week before I set foot in the New Kids on the Block show on Monday. Suffice to say, that was a big day. Continue reading “What does Sigma Chi have to do with Cosmo?”

Summer Sundays Sizzled With Sexy


To cap off the weekend, Captain’s Quarters in Prospect invites party people to join them for Summer Sundays. The day gets divided into to segments. The first involves Continue reading “Summer Sundays Sizzled With Sexy”