Jellyfishing! Jellyfishing!

Though Jeremiah and I never saw SpongeBob or Patrick, we knew they would have been proud of us for spending some time at the Newport Aquarium doing some jellyfishing.

We didn’t bring our jellyfish nets, but I brought a camera to do some capturing.

Two Infinity and Beyond

Part two of my grandson Jeremiah’s two year old birthday celebration was at the Newport Aquarium and he had a big time. My favorite part is how he likes to laugh when my camera is pointed at him. He’s decided that’s the easiest way to bring up that million dollar smile. So I kept getting shots like this.

How to take fireworks photos you want to show off

Thunder Over Louisville-6

When you’re capturing photos of fireworks, it’s both hard and easy and it all depends on a little technique. Right up front I will say that the fireworks setting on certain point and shoot cameras won’t work. Continue reading “How to take fireworks photos you want to show off”