Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?

The company that’s my day job, Computershare, teamed up with another company in the Meidinger Tower downtown by 4th Street Live, TQL, to do a charity fundraising dunk tank. Who got dunked? It was voted on throughout the company and two of my friends ended up taking the plunge. This is Brady. He and I worked on a previous team with desks fairly close to each other. We’ve since switched departments and are now on opposite ends of the same team. When the email came out that he was going in the drink, well, I knew how it was going to end. Like this. Continue reading “Why Are My Co-Workers Wet?”

SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep

Over the weekend, I had the chance to cover the CQ Jam for WaterStep for the Voice-Tribune. It had everything and by that I mean it had people donating to charity, live music and torrential rain. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep”