Father’s Day: The Gathering

Yesterday, I got the chance to spend one of the most interesting Father’s Days yet. Misty had the idea to invite the family over for a cookout. Actually, we started making plans before we realized we had a Hallmark holiday. Nonetheless, we sallied forth. Continue reading “Father’s Day: The Gathering”

Forcing variety can be a good thing


Once upon a time when I was a photographer in search of a style, I forced myself to think about and perform photography every single day in something that, at various times, was called the Daily Photo Project or Photo du Jour. The object was to get out of cliched shots like Continue reading “Forcing variety can be a good thing”

Emma and Uncle Tim

Emma's Christmas by Tim Girton

I’ve made no secret of my baby whisperer super power. It’s actually pretty cool to have one and nowhere is it more evident than between me and the lovely Emma. Continue reading “Emma and Uncle Tim”

Pierson’s first smash cake

Pierson's First Birthday by Tim Girton

Dear Pierson,

Here’s how life is going to go for you. Your mother is quite a good photographer. You can see her work here. There are other people in your family that are photographers. Your family has friends that know their way around cameras, too. I’m one of them. Continue reading “Pierson’s first smash cake”