The Balloon Glimmer at Waterfront Park

My son London’s birthday celebrations kicked off with some awesome visuals as we loaded up and went down to Waterfront Park’s Fest-A-Ville for the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Balloon Glimmer. That’s where a few hot air balloons stay on the ground but activate their flames to make their balloons glow to the delight of the crowd. Continue reading “The Balloon Glimmer at Waterfront Park”

The 2015 Kentucky Derby Festival Is Off and Glimmering

This past Thursday night, the family got together and headed for Fest-A-Ville kind of on a whim. Misty talked to her BFF Becky who said she wanted to take her daughter, my play-neice, Emma to see the Balloon Glimmer. The Glimmer is a scaled down version of the Great Balloon Glow Continue reading “The 2015 Kentucky Derby Festival Is Off and Glimmering”