SKETCHBOOK: The Fountain at St James Court

When people come to see the famous St James Court Fountain, they usually want to take photos by the fountain. It makes sense. The fountain itself is beautiful and it is a one-of-a-kind attraction. So when we had Chris, Stephanie and their son Christopher at St James Court, I wanted something a little different. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Fountain at St James Court”


Misty and I relocated the family to Old Louisville and it didn’t take us long to get to shoot an engagement session at St James Court. We’ve had shoots there so we’re pretty familiar with it, but it’s our first as residents. And the shoot didn’t disappoint, considering we got a change to work with Chris and Stephanie. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Young Love”

SKETCHBOOK: Fathers and Daughters

I’m a sucker for photos of fathers and daughters. Perhaps it’s because I love my own daughter, Talia, so much and I remember those days when she was tiny and I was her protector. And that’s a job I took seriously because I felt like by letting her fly but also being there if she ever fell, I was letting her find her way in life while also serving as the soft landing mat just in case. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Fathers and Daughters”