Jesus on the Waterfront

Jesus Figueroa by Tim Girton

We try to make sure that using Louisville’s Waterfront Park for photos doesn’t become a cliché. With that in mind, we took South End resident Jesus to the river, but not in the normal places. Continue reading “Jesus on the Waterfront”

Rinkers Creek play for a cause

Leukemia and Lymphoma fund raiser by Tim Girton

Last night, Misty and I took the trip to Crescent Hill to see her cousins latest band Rinkers Creek. Nathan and Noah, the cousins in question, along with the rest of the band took the stage at Clifton’s Pizza (some of Louisville’s best, by the way) Continue reading “Rinkers Creek play for a cause”

Winter Wednesdays begin in Louisville

That’s me trying to play a didgeridoo.

Lucky for me, the caption explains what I’m trying to do before I have to figure out what kind of explaining I have to do. One of my photo subjects insisted on taking the camera and doing a few photos of me. That happens sometimes and, Continue reading “Winter Wednesdays begin in Louisville”

Eastern Europe, the DJ battle and the Cards

Every once in a while, my new party friends want me in a shot. I’m the bald one.

As a professional photographer, I’m blessed with admission to some of the coolest places in the Ville. The camera serves as an amazing passport as I witness the enormity of the good things in the city. On Saturday, Continue reading “Eastern Europe, the DJ battle and the Cards”