Another Snow Day and Some Attention

I got an e-mail from Demotix, the agency that represents my photos to ask if I was going to go out and some snow photos. Not the kind I did with Emma and London here, but more on the photojournalistic side. I replied that I was heading out straight away. Those photos can be seen, and licensed, here.

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What does Sigma Chi have to do with Cosmo?

Sigma Chi at Captain's Quarters by Tim Girton

Aside from the title of this article, probably not much. Except that I got a chance to cover both of their events earlier this week before I set foot in the New Kids on the Block show on Monday. Suffice to say, that was a big day. Continue reading “What does Sigma Chi have to do with Cosmo?”

Celebrating Christmas the Louisville party way

Rodney Atkins in action.
Rodney Atkins in action.

When Louisville parties at Christmas, the town throws down and I find it an honor to take my camera and document the action. The action all weekend  varied with the venue and the theme Continue reading “Celebrating Christmas the Louisville party way”

In Your Face at the Kentucky State Fair


These ladies said they felt like they should appear on the front page and as you can see, I wanted to make that happen. When I shot this one, I had explained that my camera and I showed up at Continue reading “In Your Face at the Kentucky State Fair”

Abbey Road on the River

How did you beat the heat on Memorial Day Monday yesterday? I didn’t even bother. I made my peace with it and headed to Abbey Road on the River to cover the final day of it on the Belvedere for Continue reading “Abbey Road on the River”

Both Sides of Justice: the Cecil New Case

This Sunday at 6am on B96.5 and Magic 101.3, Christopher 2X talks to two of the principle participants in the case of Cecil New, the now admitted killer of Cesar Ivan Cano. Lt. Barry Wilkerson led the LMPD investigation into young Cano’s disappearance and subsequent murder. He will speak on the investigation that led to Cecil New. Continue reading “Both Sides of Justice: the Cecil New Case”