SKETCHBOOK: The Fall of Snow Emma

I think I mentioned before that my niece Emma loves her fairy tales and her Disney princesses. She knows the movies by heart, as most little girls do, and knows how the stories work out. So it’s not surprise that when we asked her to act out parts of the tales for her birthday photo story, she came through for great images. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Fall of Snow Emma”

SKETCHBOOK: Cinderemma Lost Her Slipper

My niece Emma love her Disney princesses and has knows all the movies by heart so she was able to play along with the way the poses needed to go to tell her birthday story. For example, it’s a few minutes til midnight and she’s coming down the stairs and, oh my, she’s lost one of her slippers. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Cinderemma Lost Her Slipper”

SKETCHBOOK: Emma’s Fairy Tale

If you’ve only been exposed to this website or follow me on social media, you’ve seen my niece Emma grow up before your very eyes. By way of explanation, Emma’s not a blood niece but we love each other as if we were. She’s the daughter of Misty’s best friend, Becky. I met Emma shortly after she was born and we immediately clicked. It was then that she and I decided to be uncle and niece forever. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Emma’s Fairy Tale”

Another Glimmer with Emma

When it comes to creating traditions, it’s a lot of fun when you do it with littles ones. About three years ago, we started going with Emma to the Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glimmer at Waterfront Park in Fest-A-Ville. I wrote a sneak peak last week after the Glimmer, but here are the others photos I took, starting with Emma herself. Continue reading “Another Glimmer with Emma”

SKETCHBOOK: Balloon Glimmer

I’ll have a full-blown post next week, but I wanted to share at least one photo from last night’s Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glimmer at Fest-A-Ville at Waterfront Park. It’s become a tradition with Misty, her best friend Becky and Becky’s daughter (my niece) Emma. This time around because of a scheduling conflict, Emma’s Uncle London couldn’t be there, but I told him not to worry because I was bringing back photos. I mean, it’s me. There will be photos. In fact, last year’s photos are here.

The 2015 Kentucky Derby Festival Is Off and Glimmering

This past Thursday night, the family got together and headed for Fest-A-Ville kind of on a whim. Misty talked to her BFF Becky who said she wanted to take her daughter, my play-neice, Emma to see the Balloon Glimmer. The Glimmer is a scaled down version of the Great Balloon Glow Continue reading “The 2015 Kentucky Derby Festival Is Off and Glimmering”

Snow Day with Emma and London

Technically Louisville is a southern city. Geographically it’s a lower midwestern city. It’s been called the gateway to the south and Mother Nature took advantage of that gateway to drop 8 inches of snow on our fair metropolis. So what would any self-respecting photographer do? Continue reading “Snow Day with Emma and London”

In bed with Sue

Emma and the Ring Flash by Tim Girton

Provocative title, I realize, but not without reason. I’ve been following the work of Sue Bryce ever since she came to my attention almost two years ago. I discovered her photographic instruction when I discovered the internet godsend that is Creative Live. If you’re unfamiliar, Creative Live is part of the new breed of learning vehicle termed “massive open online course,” or MOOC for short. Their model is unique. Continue reading “In bed with Sue”