FOOTBALL: Valley at Fairdale

I’ve written this post over and over. Ten times, in all actuality. It’s hard to believe what happened last night in a high school football game and, since I’m planning to press charges, I have to make sure I don’t say the wrong thing. As usual, Valley played a fair game against the players from Fairdale and the referees. Nothing unusual there. In Jefferson County, the fix is in for the Vikings. We’re used to it. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at Fairdale”

FOOTBALL: Fairdale at Valley

The Fairdale Bulldogs traveled to South Louisville’s Viking Harbor to take on Valley High School. Unfortunately for the Dawgs, they ended up leaving with a lopsided loss 39-19. It gave the Vikings a chance to avenge last year’s loss which should have been a win. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Fairdale at Valley”

Emma took us to the park

Emma in the Park by Tim Girton

To enjoy the 70 degree weather on Sunday, we asked little Emma to serve as our model at a small park in Fairdale. Now that she’s mimicking Uncle Tim’s “fish face,” not pictured here, but I tried, we felt pretty confident that she would continue to rock it as a great photo subject. I love it when I’m right. Continue reading “Emma took us to the park”