SKETCHBOOK: London Has The Blues

Don’t get it twisted. When I say London gas the blues, I mean those snappy dress blues that you see in the photo above. He’s spent four years in Valley’s Navy ROTC so when you do senior photos, you have to include some of those shots.

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SKETCHBOOK: David and Yolanda’s Grown Ups

My brother’s family had a wide age spread. When they blended those kids together what they got was two younger generation kids and 3 soon to be grown-ups. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: David and Yolanda’s Grown Ups”

SKETCHBOOK: The Family Blend

I come from a big family and my siblings are enjoying the perks of having their own big families, too. My brother David, second from left and looking just like me, has his extended brood pictured here. With his wife Yolanda and all their kids, this ended up being a fairly big photoshoot at Farnsley-Moreman Landing. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Family Blend”

SKETCHBOOK: McClain-Girton Generations

We started the day yesterday with a trip to Farnsley-Moreman Landing to do some family portraits and it was especially family oriented for me. The entire thing was set up by Ronesha because she wanted portraits of her family. Ronesha is my niece. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: McClain-Girton Generations”

SKETCHBOOK: Harvest Bounty

At my day job, the corporation I work for is taking steps to be a good corporate citizen. They’ve done things around the city that help people, including being one of the sponsors of the LouVelo bike sharing program. Another thing we do is grow food at a garden at Farnsley-Moreman Landing. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Harvest Bounty”

Spending the Day with Jaxon

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Jaxon and I collaborated on photos when he was just one year old. I chased him around the University of Louisville campus before he slowed down enough to do some of that fun smash cake stuff that we all love. So a couple of weeks ago, we met Jaxon and his mother Whitney at Farnsley-Moreman Landing for another photo session – including more chasing. Continue reading “Spending the Day with Jaxon”

Tonika Turns Four

I always enjoy a photo shoot with kids involved. It gives me a chance to turn on the Uncle Tim persona and attempt to get some real, genuine laughter and expression for the kids involved. Of course, they have the “cheese” face, which is what all of us have been told to mimic for as long as I can remember, whether being in front of or behind the lens. But when a kid shows real fun, those are the best. Tonika gave that to me in bunches. Continue reading “Tonika Turns Four”

Another Snow Day and Some Attention

I got an e-mail from Demotix, the agency that represents my photos to ask if I was going to go out and some snow photos. Not the kind I did with Emma and London here, but more on the photojournalistic side. I replied that I was heading out straight away. Those photos can be seen, and licensed, here.

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Radiance and Pride at Farnsley-Moremen

One of the landmarks people talk about in the South End of Louisville is Farnsley-Moremen Landing. People get married there all the time, and it’s a pretty historic place. Native Americans settled in prehistory. In the 1800s the landing Continue reading “Radiance and Pride at Farnsley-Moremen”