SKETCHBOOK: The Fall of Snow Emma

I think I mentioned before that my niece Emma loves her fairy tales and her Disney princesses. She knows the movies by heart, as most little girls do, and knows how the stories work out. So it’s not surprise that when we asked her to act out parts of the tales for her birthday photo story, she came through for great images. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Fall of Snow Emma”

SKETCHBOOK: Harvest Bounty

At my day job, the corporation I work for is taking steps to be a good corporate citizen. They’ve done things around the city that help people, including being one of the sponsors of the LouVelo bike sharing program. Another thing we do is grow food at a garden at Farnsley-Moreman Landing. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Harvest Bounty”

It’s whats for dinner


Lately I’ve been experimental with dinner. Well, experimental for me. I knew I could follow a recipe from a box and so I pretty much just left it there. That mean lots of Hamburger Helper. And then Tuna Helper. Then they started making Chicken Helper and, well, you get the idea. Continue reading “It’s whats for dinner”