I have to admit that I’m a sucker for watching families interact with each other. And I’ve been watching Jenna’s family enjoy each others company for years.

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SKETCHBOOK: The Kid Wrangler

I am constantly amazed by moms with multiple young kids. Take Jenna, for example. Here she is with 4 young girls. Then throw in one more for good measure from her guy. Oh, and them get then dressed and looking pretty for family photos.

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SKETCHBOOK: My Friend Alex

This is Alex. She’s Jenna’s daughter and we did family photos yesterday, some of which I can’t wait to show you because, despite the cold, everyone did great. Our schedules have been snake-bitten. The last time we were going to get the girls in the family together, it rained. And it’s nearly November, so outside days for shooting are dwindling. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: My Friend Alex”